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My name is TJ Maurer.  I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA.  Spent my first two college years at Pfeiffer University playing tennis for the school. It is then that I began climbing and my life would begin to change.  I transferred to UGA junior year so tennis would not get in the way of climbing anymore.  After graduating with a BS in Economics from the Terry College of Business, I worked in town preparing food at Earth Fare among some great people.  Money was saved and I bought an old van to try my luck at meandering across the country.  Eventually, believe it or not, I ran out of money and returned to Atlanta where my girlfriend (and now wife/climbing partner/boss/best friend) awaited my arrival.  From van life came broker life as I became a licensed stock broker for E*Trade​.  


As a southern climber/outdoors guy, Chattanooga, TN beckoned however.  Stephanie bought a house, and I began looking for jobs there as well.  Along came Unum, a fortune 500 company with headquarters in Chattanooga.  In October of 2012 I began working in Short Term disability there.  Will be completely honest when I say the company was excellent, the people were as well, but the job...not so much...at least for me.