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October 7, 2019

This beautiful comp that requires skin tougher than most insects exoskeletons has been happening for 25 years, pretty hard to believe. In the roughly 10 years that I've been attending the comp it seems like the main conversation always turns to the weather and how good it will be for climbing, this year was no exception. There were whispers of it falling below 60 degrees and as we all woke up that morning and made our way up the hill i...

April 24, 2019

Hiking up the trail to north Suck Creek, I had chilling flashbacks to the 30th mile of the Stump Jump 50k only six months ago. I remember pushing my legs down while simultaneously pushing my body up this hill. My reward at the top would be the same terrain back down, and then back up another and finally a “light” two-mile jog to the finish line. I had to side step at times during this part of the race to avoid an all out onslaught of c...

April 8, 2019

We can all agree that no one gets excited to go to the dentist – right?  Ive had a few root canals in my day and just had another Tuesday. The phrase root canal makes most peoples hair raise on end and teeth chatter. Those same people may have just climbed a runout 5.11 offwidth the day before or caught a 28 inch brown on 6x the weekend before – but most likely not. I wanted to compare and contrast these three activities and definitive...

February 26, 2019

My alarm went off at 6:30 Saturday morning. I had listened to rain fall all night. Not all night I guess, but half the night for sure. I stumbled upon quite a gathering of friends unexpectedly the night before which steered me to a few more beers and later bed time than I had hoped. That coupled with the uncertainty that I had set my alarm for PM and not AM led to a pretty light nights sleep.  Steph (my wife) and I started heading sout...

January 29, 2019

The #sickness comp may have been delayed but damn, Im glad it was. Good temps, good friction, and no rain made for one of the most successful Hospital bouldering comps yet. It was the most successful in terms of entrants...almost 150 competitors. Thanks a ton to all the volunteers, judges, and locals who call that beautiful mountain top home. Enjoy some imagery from the day. If you see a picture of you or your friend flailing (or sendi...

December 7, 2018

I thought it would be tough to wake up at 2:15 AM. I really did. However, anticipation is a wonderful drug, and I had accumulated quite a bit of it since our first duck hunt two years ago to the day. I had been looking forward to this morning since. To my surprise, I was up at 2, anxiously awaiting the digital chime to start my day. My wife Steph’s very first words that morning were “This is the last year I do this TJ…Never again.” I c...

November 19, 2018

We knew we were going to be cutting it close, we knew we would be tired, but we always thought we were going to make it. 

We started the week out in California welcomed by smoke from wildfires initially in San Francisco and a talkative old Airbnb host. Hoping for a reprieve from the cold in Chattanooga we met some good folks, revisited some good folks and got good work done with some of our brands. After all the work was done we were ex...

October 29, 2018

Another leg of Triple Crown is done even though it got pushed back a day because of the cloud that was sitting over Mowbray Mountain. Considering the weather just before, it ended up being a great day to be outside. We've got lots of photos below so feel free to download and use if you'd like - just tag us @ontheroadandoff if post it!

October 27, 2018

This was the 7th year of BYOB and it looked like it was a great turnout with some great items to bid on despite the mist that surrounded us last night. Find yourself below and feel free to download and use - just mention @ontheroadandoff when you post so we can see them out in the wild!

Keep an eye out for photos from Triple Crown Stone Fort on Monday

First leg of the 2018 Triple Crown is put to rest. Glad the weather cooperated with us - with the exception of everyone getting a nice shower while we waited on the results!

We've got lots and lots of photos below, so take your time, drink some coffee, enjoy the photos and feel free to download and use them - just tag us @ontheroadandoff if use them. Hope to see all of you in a couple weeks at Stonefort.

Happy climbing!

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