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Guest Post: Markham Tuck - Film Photos from Joe's Valley and Red Rocks

What does climbing mean to me?

A question that I have often pined over. At certain points I wanted this answer for myself; frequently I needed it for others.

Climbing teaches grit & perseverance.

Climbing instills a desire to travel.

Climbing brings me to remote destinations.

Climbing focuses my time & effort.

Climbing nurtures confidence.

Climbing provides a social outlet.

Climbing reminds me to endure.

Above all, climbing has given more than it has taken.

Climbing is more than just movement on rock. So, the next time I am asked why I spend my free time on such fruitless pursuits, I might just find the right words.



You can find more of Markham's work on his website here -

Or on his Instagram - @mhamtuck

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