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We connect brands with businesses, businesses with customers, and customers with brands. Simply put, we connect the Outdoor Industry with the Southeastern Outdoor community. 




I started On the Road and Off in 2015. I love doing really anything in the woods - but rock climbing has shaped my life the most. My favorite flower is a snapdragon and has been since I could say the word. If I could be anywhere tomorrow, it would be on a small stream surrounded by hemlocks and rhododendrons fly fishing for wild brown trout.

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I've been in the outdoor industry going on 16 years now, it's lead me to a lot of different places but none as exciting as where I'm at now. I love most things that require long days in the woods but my favorites right now are climbing and trail running. And it's hard for me not to crack a smile when I'm on two wheels.

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The best times of my life have been spent outdoors, so it’s fitting that I’ve landed in the outdoor industry. I love hiking, traveling, and taking photos, and my main creative outlet is making jewelry as a little side gig. I'm well-suited for rep life because I love spending time on the road and seeing all of the small towns and sights along the way.

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