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On the Road and Off

about us

We connect brands with businesses, businesses with customers, and customers with brands. Simply put, we connect the Outdoor Industry with the Southeastern Outdoor community. 



TJ Maurer

I started On the Road and Off in 2015. I love doing really anything in the woods - but rock climbing has shaped my life the most. My favorite flower is a snapdragon and has been since I could say the word. If I could be anywhere tomorrow, it would be on a small stream surrounded by hemlocks and rhododendrons fly fishing for wild brown trout.

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Todd Clark

I've been in the outdoor industry going on 16 years now, it's lead me to a lot of different places but none as exciting as where I'm at now. I love most things that require long days in the woods but my favorites right now are climbing and trail running. And it's hard for me not to crack a smile when I'm on two wheels.

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Jeremie Beverstock

The best times of my life have been spent outdoors, so it’s fitting that I’ve landed in the outdoor industry. I love hiking, traveling, and taking photos, and my main creative outlet is making jewelry as a little side gig. I'm well-suited for rep life because I love spending time on the road and seeing all of the small towns and sights along the way.

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Erick Thompson

Adventure has transformed my life in a profound way, and the only thing I love as much as a wild day outdoors is sharing that experience with others. I've called Appalachia home for the last 15 years, many of them enjoyed as an outdoor educator and rock climbing guide. From the East to the West, you'll find me navigating frozen landscapes on a snowboard or climbing over rocky mountains in search of flow, fellowship, and growth.

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Cassie Curry and Blazer

I grew up in Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee. So, some would say I am a southern girl through and through. I went to school in NYC but soon would find myself back in Chattanooga because of my love for personal space and the outdoors. I enjoy spending time with my dog, running on trails, fly fishing, climbing with friends, and going to crossfit classes.

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