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Triple Crown Bouldering Series: Stone Fort Photos

This might have been the coldest ever Triple Crown event at Stone Fort. I know personally we've been snowed out of a couple events at Hound Ears, it can be surprisingly cold in Boone even in early September. But usually the Stone Fort event is a bit warm, often emphasized by some mid-day sunbathing on the fairway. This event took a sharp turn though with a cold front coming in a couple days before the event and rain pushing the activities back a day. We knew it was going to be a bit cold but I wasn't quite prepared for it. Arriving at 6:30am to set up the Metolius tent the grass was still damp and we seemed to be sitting in a fog. As the morning progressed it seemed to get colder, and having to break down the tent at 3pm to attend a wedding we never even saw the sun peak through on the mountain. Still, psyche was high and once the rock dried off from the morning fog you could see eyes light up when competitors grabbed holds and the rock was cold enough to grab back.

Unfortunately we didn't get to stay the whole day so here are just a few photo's from the time we did spend up there. Looking forward to the Horse Pens 40 event in a couple of weeks, it's always been one of my favorites.


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