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The Sickness Comp | 2019

The #sickness comp may have been delayed but damn, I'm glad it was. Good temps, good friction, and no rain made for one of the most successful Hospital bouldering comps yet. It was the most successful in terms of entrants...almost 150 competitors. Thanks a ton to all the volunteers, judges, and locals who call that beautiful mountain top home. Enjoy some imagery from the day. If you see a picture of you or your friend flailing (or sending) feel free to repost. If you want a high resolution image, let us know! There is much much more to come down the road with On the Road and Off. Please take a minute to sign up for our email list. We send stuff like music we are listening to, events going on in the Southeast, new stuff from brands we love, new blogs, and tons of climbing of course.

If you are not a member of the SCC or the Access Fund, please take that weekends worth of beer (or capri sun if you are under 21) money and think about joining. They are unreal organizations which help secure climbing areas just like Hospital for generations to come. Plus you get a sweet t-shirt. Plus a sticker. Plus probably other things too, but the real reason is you will be helping buy more boulders, more bolts for routes and more tools and manpower for trails to your projects. To spare you a google search, just look here ACCESS FUND or here SCC


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