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Houndears Triple Crown | 2019

This beautiful comp that requires skin tougher than most insects exoskeletons has been happening for 25 years, pretty hard to believe. In the roughly 10 years that I've been attending the comp it seems like the main conversation always turns to the weather and how good it will be for climbing, this year was no exception. There were whispers of it falling below 60 degrees and as we all woke up that morning and made our way up the hill it looked like it was going to happen, but there was a caveat, we ended up sitting in a cloud pretty much the whole day...

While that didn't help the top-outs to most of the problems it did help with getting some better photo's since we didn't have to try and look for shade or keep the sun to our backs. As always, feel free to share and use the ones you like, just try and tag us if you use it on the interwebs @ontheroadandoff.


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