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Float the Boat | Boatrock, GA Climbing Comp 2020

It's felt like this comp has been plagued with bad weather for a few years but this year it was crisp perfect conditions in the morning. And although the sun made some of the slabs a bit slippery in the afternoon, all the smiling faces showed that it was welcomed.

It's pretty cool to see the community that comes together for such a special place. There are a lot of Atlanta area climbers that call Boatrock their home away from home. And to think it might not be here today without the foresight of a few climbers and the formation of the SCC.

If you look around there are still a few traces of what could have been. There are boulders that are gone forever, but then from the process of drilling and dynamite that destroyed those there were a few problems created like the one pictured below, where you can see the drill marks on the left.

So if you haven't already, become an SCC member so we can keep places like this going and hopefully open up even more places in the future.

Here is the link to all the photos, feel free to download and use them if you see some you like, just tag us @ontheroadandoff


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