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The Sickness | Hospital Boulders Comp | 2020

I'm not sure how many years this event has been happening now (maybe 3 or 4) but this had to have been the best turn out so far. I know last year there were only a couple of vendors and maybe half as many people in the boulder field, but I'm sure part of that was because of the rain delay. Despite waking up in a cloud, and having a few things stay wet all day, stoke was high and you could feel it walking through the crowd. Seemed like everyone that was there definitely wanted to be there that day.

We're going to try a little different set up of where our pictures are at so that they are easier to see at full size and hopefully also easier for you to download and use if you would like to. They will all be in a Google Drive folder and we will also be adding a tab to our site for just the event photos with links to the folders so they are easier to find if you need to come back to them.

Here is the link for the photos from this event

It seems rare to see a community come together and do something as concrete as buy land to see that these places can continue to be used in the way that we want, yet with the help of the Southeastern Climbers Coalition it has been common place here in the Southeast starting with Boatrock and now so many crags it's hard to keep count. We want to keep this going without holding ourselves back. So here is your PSA - please stop posting pictures of places where you don't know the access issues at hand, it could end up doing more damage than you think. And donate to the SEClimbers.


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