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Triple Crown and 2019 Wrap Up - Better Late than Never

Yes this is quite a late recap of the HP40 triple crown and an even later recap of LRC but as they say... better late than... But with this advanced level of high school level procrastination, we can give you two days worth of photos within one post.

While I was dragging my feet posting photos, the ORO team was growing into five rangers of various colors, strengths and weaknesses. When they unite at trade shows, elaborate booth setups are built at increasingly quicker speeds and broken down at decreasingly slower speeds. Quick bios of all five rangers can be found above in the very appropriately named "about us" tab.

For those of you who have met 1 or all of us, you know that we love attending and documenting Southeastern outdoor events. They have primarily been climbing focused over the past several years given Todd and myself are primarily climbers. However with the growth of the brands we represent, the team who represents them and our geographical outreach, we are already signed up for quite a few more events with links below. Along with the new ones, we of course will be involved with nearly every climbing event there is. Take a second to sign up for our email list in the top right corner to keep up with all events, photos, write-ups, and more. There is also an events tab above we will start updating regularly with any info we have whether we are going or not.

The goal of this is to do what we can to strengthen and unite more communities. We want to draw attention to the retailers, gyms and organizations who are the cornerstones of these communities and of course we want more people to play outside.

So for those who didn't just skip to the pictures, know that we want to meet more of yall. Tell more stories, take more photos, and empower those small businesses who help outfit us for these outdoor adventures.

Hope everyone had a great 2019 and see ya in 2020!

New Events we will be at for 2020 - You should come join us at one!

HP40 Triple Crown

LRC Triple Crown